5 Tips on How to Get Recruited in Volleyball

We’ve all been before while playing a sport.  When it’s playing in an extremely intense game of volleyball, Basketball or Football when you realize, you could see yourself doing this on a college or professional level. Though, when talking about sports, universities are a whole different category on its own. There are plenty of steps you should take before even considering becoming a university athlete.

Start by setting your expectations for your Volleyball Career

playing sports at the university or college skill level is an exciting and very rewarding experience. Though it can be difficult and scary at first. Understanding what to expect previously before your journey begins is an amazing way to reassure yourself you can do it. While removing any apprehension you might have had. Research into Volleyball recruiting websites and Volleyball Clubs. They both are valuable resources to use along your journey.

These sites are filled with knowledge about the best ways and methods to increase your chances of being recruited. Volleyball Clubs and recruiting sites can help you gain the knowledge and set your expectations of what to you should expect from this process. From the time you decide you won’t start the recruiting process till when you reach your end goal. Make sure you are using all the resources provided and given to you.

NCAA Rules and University Volleyball recruiting

like many other university athletic recruiting processes, universities and colleges must follow the NCAA rules. Volleyball Clubs and other recruiting sites can explain these rules in much greater detail. Usually for the rules of university and college volleyball recruiting apply once you start becoming actively involved in your high school’s athletic programs.

Next, you need to learn how to sell yourself as a Volleyball Pro.

A critical aspect of a successful university volleyball career is having confidence in your abilities and being able to show recruiters your skills. Volleyball recruiting sites can provide you with an idea on the do’s and don’t’s of what recruiters are looking for.

Typically you want to play as much Volleyball as possible. I highly recommend joining a Volleyball Club or team and compete in tournaments, practice games, and competitions. You want to create as much exposure as possible and be very adaptive towards different coaching styles. That way you’re prepared for any coaching method.

For how to act in front of Volleyball coaches and Volleyball Recruiters,

Volleyball Clubs, Teams, and recruiters will introduce you to a very large amount of coaches. Acting professional while with them is crucial to creating a good first impression and presentation of yourself. When you meet, make sure to maintain eye contact.

Have good posture and maintain yourself calmly. You want to display yourself as a player who can easily learn and follow their coaching style. Keep in mind the first opinion someone could have might be the only opinion you get to make.

Lastly, there are other important factors to consider.

University and College volleyball recruiting is more than how well you can play the sport effectively. Remember that even if your extremely skilled and you have videos and proof to back up your claims. Keep in mind that Volleyball is a team sport. So, make sure you focus on how well you play with others and how you can work together as a team