Five Interesting Facts About Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that’s found in many communities, both in urban and rural areas. This well-known sport is played by two teams that aim to drop a ball into the opponent’s area by hand. The number of players in a team consists of six people. Indeed this sport is less popular when compared to football. But there are many things you don’t know about volleyball. Here are five interesting facts about the sport Volleyball.

1. Volleyball is a difficult Sport to Start Learning

It takes a long time and hard work to be able to play volleyball, many people can play it but few can master it. Even when starting to learn about Volleyball the rules can be very confusing. Volleyball is a sport where not only you need theories about the game, you need effort, hard work, and determination to never give up to be the best player on the field. By training and practicing your Volleyball skills you can overcome the initial learning curve and become a successful Volleyball Team Member.

2. Volleyball is not fixed with one position

Volleyball games are played with no fixed positions similar to how a football player must be a defender or attacker. Every volleyball player must be able to change roles whether in the front of the net or in the back position. There are three roles in volleyball. First as a tosser or can also be called a feeder and regulator of attacks. Second and third is the role of a speaker or libero whose job is to receive or withstand attacks from opponents. Because this volleyball is a sport that constantly changes.  Each time a team serves you must be ready to alternate positions to assist your team.

3.  The Volleyball  Started out as a Hard Basketball

Did you know the ball played in a volleyball game used to be the inside of a basketball? But of course, now this does not apply. William G. Morgan, used the inside of basketball as a sporting tool so that it was not as heavy as basketball so that older people could play it in 1895. This ball became the standard for volleyball. Until a special ball produced by Spalding was designed and based on another German sport named Faustball. This lead to the game later being renamed volleyball.

4. Spiking is the best way to win against another team in volleyball

Watching the game of volleyball is entertaining because everything that happens in it is very tense. But of course, it’s even more exciting when you can play volleyball. In volleyball games, there is one technique that is usually widely used to help teams score, which is a spiking. This one move can indeed be very deadly. Spiking is the mainstay of many volleyball teams to win the match.

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