Sports Volleyball Game

Basic Techniques of Volleyball

Who doesn’t know volleyball? One of the sports activities is closely related to a fun and exciting match. In the field, each team will compete with its flagship technique. The ball will bounce from one player to another until later the ball touches the base of the opponent’s area. The reason, volleyball game is very loved by various groups. What’s more, volleyball can be a healthy activity for the body. By playing volleyball with Volleyball clubs, the body will get stronger, and the muscles and motor nerves are getting trained.

No wonder that the sports game is a favorite of many people, even competed in various local and international olympiad. Sounds fun, right? If you want to do this game with your friends, first know the basic techniques of volleyball games!

1. Serving or Service

In every sports game, there must be movements or starting positions that are made to start the match. This also applies to the game of volleyball. The most basic volleyball technique that must be learned is serving or service.

Serving or service is the initial blow taken by a player to catapult the ball towards the opposing team. This technique also marks the game has begun. Usually, there are various service techniques that can be done and adjusted to the volleyball game strategy used. Some of these include float service, jump service, overhand service, underhand service, and ace service. The following explanation:

Float Service

Float service is a technical service that is done by bouncing the ball into the air, then hitting it without making the ball spin, so that the speed of the ball moves to soar horizontally.

Jump Service

Jump service or jump service is a service technique that is done by bouncing the ball vertically, then followed by player jumps and punches.

Overhand Service

Overhand service is actually similar to jump service, but the difference lies in the jumping stage. In this technique, players do not need to jump, but just hit the ball with the palm of the hand when the ball is above the shoulder.

Underhand Service

Underhand service is a service technique that is done by throwing the ball low before hitting it with a holding hand that is swung under the shoulder.

Ace Service

Ace service is a service technique that is done by hitting the ball as hard as possible so that the ball will go fast and unpredictable. This service is also called death service or victory service because this service technique almost always scores. Usually, the ace service is combined with the jump service technique.

2. Forearm Passing

Forearm passing is a basic volleyball technique that is often used to pass or bounce the ball (passing) to other players. The trick, the volleyball player will use the front arm of the hand to reflect the volleyball. The aim of the forearm passing technique is to pass the ball to a teammate.

3. Bumping or Bump Passing

Bumping is a passing technique that is done by locking both arms to reflect volleyball. Actually, this technique is almost the same as forearm passing, but the purpose of this technique is to bounce the ball to a neighbor or closest colleague.