The Best Way to Clean and maintain a Volleyball Net

Here’s one of the best ways to clean and maintain a Volleyball net for Volleyball Clubs and Volleyball Teams.

After researching some of the best ways to clean and restore a volleyball net. I’ve found an effective and easy method you can use to give a Volleyball net a refreshing and restored look. Over time Volleyball nets can degrade and lose their quality. This can affect team practices and matches when playing Volleyball. Your main goal of cleaning the Volleyball net is so that it doesn’t affect your Volleyball Club or team performance. Cleaning the Volleyball net can do more than improve performance it also can increase the lifetime value of the Volleyball net itself. By following these easy guidelines below you can make sure your volleyball net is properly maintained and used for many years.

Start by finding a large container that’s big enough to hold the entire Volleyball net.

It’s important that you’re cleaning the whole Volleyball net and not only certain sections. After finding a container that’s large enough, fill the container with hot water until it’s about ¾ full. Next, you want to about ½ cup of peroxide and fix it with the container. Then use gloves to thoroughly mix the hot water and peroxide in the container. After mixing, wait about 25-minutes and then rinse the net with hot water. This will ensure that the Volleyball net is fully clean.

Once the volleyball net is rinsed thoroughly with hot water.

Inspect the condition of the Volleyball net and see if any of the net’s threading needs to be repaired. After reviewing the Volleyball net, set the Volleyball net in a dry area and wait till the Volleyball net is completely dry. After the Volleyball net is dry, place it in a separate container to store until needed. That way it’s in great condition for the next volleyball game or volleyball tournament.