Volleyball And Your Health

Of course, everyone already knows that exercise has many benefits for the body. Although volleyball is not a very popular sport like football or badminton, volleyball is also quite commonly played by people. This type of sport is a type of sport that is lightweight and easy to play, and will not interfere with your time. And as long as you run volleyball regularly, all the benefits it has will be felt for the body. With the many benefits of volleyball, it is not impossible that there are some other benefits that are not known to the wider community, that is why you need to join volleyball clubs.

1. Improve concentration

When playing volleyball you certainly have to focus one hundred percent on the game. And that of course is able to train your concentration and mental health. Players are also required to concentrate on the game, especially on the movement of the ball and the position of the opponent. If you are accustomed to concentrating when playing volleyball, then it can also be done during your daily activities.

2. Improve Heart Health

Heart health will be realized with a healthy lifestyle one of them by playing volleyball regularly. If heart health is maintained, the body will get the easy circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. Volleyball will improve general body health while maintaining cardiovascular health.

3. Burn Calories

When doing volleyball, of course, your body will do a lot of movement. And certainly, the movements that you do are able to burn all kinds of calories in the body.


4. Streamlining Metabolism

Smooth metabolism will affect good health. The metabolic performance of each person is different, but if it is not smooth, it will affect the declining health of the body. So practically volleyball can routinely facilitate the body’s metabolism.

5. Prevent Osteoporosis

Doing volleyball certainly makes the bones work harder. Load-bearing activity is a sport that trains your legs and knees to support body mass. And it can prevent osteoporosis or bone loss. Endurance training including movements such as push-ups, weight lifting, or weight training using equipment in a fitness or gym can also be another option for you after volleyball.

6. Make you sleep better

Doing volleyball can make you sleep more soundly because while doing this exercise enzyme activity and muscle function in the body will increase. So it gives a relaxing effect when you want to rest. In addition, the increase in body temperature that occurs when you exercise also helps you sleep soundly. In fact, moderate-intensity exercise has been reported to help control various sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

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