Understanding Volleyball

Are you looking for sports that require positive team relationships, build good communication skills, increase upper body strength, and be able to provide unparalleled pleasure? Later you will be ready to set, serve and spike and join a volleyball club!

Choose your players. Ideally, get at least 6 players so the game can be competitive. However, if you play with friends, keep the number of players the same on both sides. You must have 1 to 3 player lines. The first row is closest to the net, and the rearguard is positioned closest to the rear boundary of the playing field. You can rotate players around the field, so there is a new server that performs service in the game.

If you want to rotate a player with an “out” turn, rotate counterclockwise – by sticking to the net, the player closest to the net on the right will rotate out, allowing many players to come into play.

Throw a coin to draw, or make a deal to determine which team will start the game.

Serve the ball from behind the line on the back of the court. If you serve from the front of the line, the numbers will not be counted. The ball must bounce over the net and must land on the inside of the field so that the value of the service is intact. The ball is still considered good when landing exactly on the field line.

Return the ball if you are in the team that received the ball. Thus the rally began! A typical game consists of bumps, sets, spikes – but as long as it takes three shots, it is considered good. Technically, you can hit the ball with any body part, as long as the ball doesn’t fall to the floor. Players may cross over the court line, but not the ball. If a player on your team hits the ball out of bounds, you may run after it – but must succeed so that the ball does not touch the floor.

You can decide how many points you want to achieve for each set or game session. For example, you can start a new set when the team gets 15 points. The new rules state that a set of games must reach 25 points, while a third set (in a set of three games) must reach 15 points.

Playing volleyball is able to improve blood circulation. So doing volleyball on a regular basis can make you avoid a very deadly stroke. Stroke usually attacks people who rarely make heavy movements, so by doing volleyball you can avoid this disease.

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