Benefits of Volleyball

Amazing Benefits of Volleyball for Body Health and Fitness

Compared to football or basketball, some people are seldom playing volleyball – unless there are certain special opportunities, such as the SEA GAMES championship. But that does not mean the benefits of playing volleyball are not as good as those two popular sports. Aside from practicing collaboration with friends, there are still many health benefits that you can get from volleyball. You can find out more about volleyball on volleyball clubs.

1. Reducing stress
The brain will increase the production of happy mood hormones when we exercise, namely endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and tryptophan. Regular exercise can also reduce the hormones cortisol and epinephrine, two stress-inducing hormones, and replace them by increasing the hormone norepinephrine as an antidepressant. All these positive hormones will then work together to cause feelings of pleasure and drive out stress, thus creating positive thoughts. That is why exercise is often recommended as an adjunct therapy to manage the symptoms of various mental illnesses. The effect of reducing stress levels is also increasing in volleyball because it involves social interaction with many people at one time.

2. Helps sleep better
Exercise can make you sleep more soundly because it helps increase enzyme activity and muscle function, and helps relax the body after a day of work. The increase in body temperature that occurs when you exercise also helps you sleep well. In fact, moderate-intensity exercise has been reported to help control various sleep disorders, such as insomnia. But still don’t over-exercise. Exercising too hard will make your body even more tired and dehydrated, which makes it difficult to sleep.

3. Effective to lose weight
Volleyball games include cardio aerobics. Cardio itself is a type of exercise to increase the heart rate. For 15-20 minutes or more you play volleyball giving a pulse increase of up to 60-80% of normal. The heart is made up of muscles that have to keep moving to get stronger and stronger. If the heart muscle is strong, then the blood vessels can drain more and faster blood. Strong blood vessels can carry more oxygen into muscle cells.

This allows cells to burn more fat during exercise and at rest. That’s why cardio exercises are most commonly chosen to help you lose weight, because this activity is very effective at burning fat. Regular volleyball exercise will also prevent overweight and obesity which are the source of all sources of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes. Volleyball for 20 minutes can burn 126 calories. Just imagine if you play volleyball regularly for 20 minutes for a full year, you can burn as much as 459,900 calories or the equivalent of reducing 6 pounds of fat from your body. Research has found that the higher the intensity of the cardio you do, the more calories you burn.

4. Build and strengthen muscles, also joints
Besides strengthening the heart muscles, playing volleyball also involves a lot of limb movements. Starting from the calf muscles, thighs, buttocks, hips used for jumping and running, to the upper arms and back muscles to hit the ball. By playing volleyball, your joints also become stronger because they are continuously trained to run. jump, and hit. A strong joint will avoid you from various risks of injury while exercising or doing daily activities.